Yoga Alliance Board

Yoga alliance is one of the Non-profit Foundation of USA serves the public in the name of Yoga. The main mission of the Yoga alliance is to spread the Power of Yoga to the common person. Yoga alliance is doing great job, such one is publishing and hosting research work in the yoga field emphasizing Training, Education and awareness. Yoga alliance also provides a flat form to the Yoga schools and Yoga Teachers to spread Yoga with quality Yoga Educations and to grow professionally with their own registry marks and registrations processes. In one word it recognizes and ensures the safe and quality education from Yoga Centres and Individual Yoga Masters. Yoga alliance certification has its own benefits for Trainees to grow professionally in the Yoga world. Yoga alliance certified Yoga Teachers can teach Yoga confidently with the acceptance of their certificate worldwide and you will also become part of Yoga alliance group and net work.

All the best, Many Path One Yoga alliance

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