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Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Training Mysore

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teachers Training
Mysore Style Yoga Classes.

This is a kind of yoga practice getting lot of popularity throughout the world. It has three stages like beginners(Roga chikista), intermediate(Nadi Shodana)and advance stage(Samadhi). It is a body breath mind co-ordination. Breath is co-ordinated in between every asanas with a flow traditionally called Vinyasa. It is said that, This is originally transferred from Vamana sage (writer of Yoga karonta) to Brahmamohan yogi, then to the Krishnmacharya and to his disciples. This method is developed mainly to use our body as a mean to liberation.
We teach Mysore style Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga through out the year.Yogadarshanam has made this practice absolutely free from injury. Students can also learn in Mysore style Yoga class with Advance techniques like dristi, Ujjayi breathe, Bandha, Advance jump etc. Asana will be modified and simplified to achieve final pose specially for beginners with proper adjustment.
“Practice makes you Perfect”

 200 and 300 Ashtanga TTC Details[Read Below]

Quick List Of The Course
1. Mysore Style of Ashtanga Yoga -practice with Corrections and Adjustments
2. Yoga Experience required(changes form level to level)
3. Study of Pathanjali Ashtanga Yoga Sutra
4. Study of core points of Ashtanga Vinyasa
5. Study of Mudra , Dristis and Bandhas(gestures and body locks)
6. Pranayama Practice(Science of breath control and channelizing Pranic energy).
7. Meditation-Mastery of mind with higher counciousness and channelizing thought waves.
8. Spirituality-Chanting, Japa,

   Mantra, Prayer, Shlokas.
9. Yoga Philosophy
10.Structure of Yoga lesson plan, Teaching Practice, verbal Instructions
11. correction and Adjustments class.

Extra Knowledge
11. Antenatal Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga,Training
12. Partner Yoga or Acro Yoga Training 
13. Yoga Therapy Training

Regular Schedule

6.30Am To 7.00Am Silence and self study of pranayama and shavasana
7.00Am To 8.35Am – Classical-Ashtanga-Hatha Yogasana-Relaxation
8.35Am To 9.30Am-Break fast
9.35Am To 10.30Am-Yoga Therapy/Prenatal&Postnatal Yoga/Mudra Practice
9.40Am To 11.15Am-Teaching Methodology- Sun salutation, Asanas , Relaxations, etc
Theory on Yoga Therapy, Mudra yoga, Pregnancy Yoga -Master Class(refresh) Class
11.30Am To 12.15pm-Anatomy and physiology
12.15pm To 2.45Pm-Lunch Break
2.45Pm To 4.15Pm-Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice-Memorize Hand Chart
4.20Pm To 5.00Pm-Adjustment/Corrections and Teaching Practice
5.00Pm To 5.50Pm-Short Break
5.50Pm To 7.15Pm-Japa, spirituality, chanting, pranayama, meditation, philosophy
7.15Pm To 7.30Pm-Q & A
Week end
6.00Am To 7.30Am-Asanas Demo
7.30Am Onwards-Shat kriya course
10.00Am To 11.30Am -Asana Demo
1.Anatomy will be taken by Doctor on suitable day
2.Yoga Anatomy taken by Yoga Master
3.Partner Yoga/Kids Yoga will be given in 4th week

4.Time table may slightly change in some classes

Brief Summary of the Ashtanga 300 Hr RYS TTC
1. Full of 4 weeks + 2 weeks optional intern ship
• Study of Ashtanga Yoga- Mysore style
Study of Longest Flow Practice
Study of many YD Intuitive Knowledge
2. Study of philosophy and very important yoga sutras of the pathanjali Yoga sutra
3. Corrections and adjustments.
4. Modification invention and creativity in Asana practice.
5. Advance Yoga Training and Classes.
• Hip opening
• Back bend
• Leg balance
• Hand balance
• Head balance
6. Special anatomical body opening techniques.
7. Different school of sun salutation and moon salutation for specific stretches and benefits.
8. Importance in props in Yoga(B.K.S Iyengar)
9. Partner or Acro Yoga Advance(optional).
10. Yoga Therapy study.
11. Pre-natal Yoga Training.
12. Chakra- energy centers – balance & healing
13. Advance pranayam practice along with usage of bandhas, breath retentions.
14. Study of Mudra Yoga-Gayathri Mudra.
15. Shat Karma –6 Detoxification.
16. Study of different relaxation techniques- Yoga nidra.
17. Dhyana – Meditation Course
18. Indian And Western Anatomy.
19. Spirituality practice – Sathsanga
20. 2 weeks optional internship to assist and lean subtle things

Regular Schedule

5.25am-Be ready in the Shala
5.30am to 7am-Ashtanga Vinyasa Abhyasa
7am to 7.30am-Adjustment and Corrections
8.30am to 9.30am-Yoga Therapy/Prenatal&Postnatal Yoga/Mudra Practice
9.30am to 10.30am-Advance Pranayama/Mudra/Philosophy and Iyengar Yoga Class
10.40am to 11.15am Teaching Methodology- Sun salutation, Asanas , Relaxations, etc
Theory on Yoga Therapy, Mudra yoga, Pregnancy Yoga -Master Class(refresh)
11.15am to 12.15am Anatomy and physiology
12.00pm to 3.15pm lunch break
3.15pm to 4.10pm advance asanasa demo
4.15pm to 5.45pm advance asanas master class
6pm to 7.15pm japa, spirituality, chanting, pranayama, meditation, philosophy
7.15pm to 7.30pm Q & A
6.00Am To 7.30Am-Vinyasa Teaching and learning
7.30Am onwards-Shat Kriya Course
10.00Am To 12.30Pm-Basic Ayurveda
Saturday Afternoon and sunday rest,preparation
1.Anatomy will be taken by Doctor on suitable day
2.Yoga Anatomy taken by Yoga Master
3.Partner Yoga/Kids Yoga will be given in 4th week
4.Basic Ayurveda study given on Suitable day
5.Time table may slightly change in some classes

Note: Contact shala or email us for more details about date, schedule, and price.

Rainbow TTC

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Now, Yogadarshanam offers Accommodation to its Yoga students whoever visiting Gokulam , Mysore for short time and long time yoga courses in a clean , comfortable and secure environment above the school as well as besides the school to enjoy yoga training with homely feeling.

What is included in accommodation ?

  • Good bed with Pillow , Blanket , Bed spread
  • Attached Bathroom ( Western Style ) with toilet
  • Hot water and Fan
  • Most of the Rooms include study table and chair
  • Wardrobe to keep things and clothes
  • Common Kitchen / attached Small Kitchen available on demand
  • Most of the accommodation includes good Wi-Fi connection

Note: You can accommodate after personal inspection with the help of our assistant upon arrival if you don’t want to reserve. See Packages for more pictures and price.

Other amenities

  • Your accommodation is very closer to Shops/ Market / Laundry / Water supply Hospitals / Baby sitting. Get all these services at your place on a call
  • School also attached to a beautiful Green Garden to enjoy free time
  • Bicycle / Scooter are also available for rent
  • Schools also has facilities to arrange Food on demand with additional charge upon arrival . Gokulam has lots of mouth watering foods and variety of menu on breakfast , lunch , Dinner both European and Indian style around the school in yoga cafe / restaurant as well as in some home for home made food .

Yogadarshanam leaves responsibility to its students to eat on their choice. Since most of the students have their own personal ethics and choice in food . So that you can eat your own delicious sathvik yogic food and enjoy .


You can book your Flight Directly to closest International airport – Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport upon landing you can reach School Directly by airport taxi From the school. You also have other options to reach Mysore by Fly Bus / Bus from the airport or train in 3 hours journey. Contact school to book a taxi with safe and trusted driver From the school. If you come by train or bus you need to take Rikshaw to reach school address upon arrival to Mysore bus stand. Mysore Local airport Known as Mandakalli Airport situated 12km From the Mysore city is not servicing currently.

What to Bring ?

You can bring these things with your Personal Luggage’s or you have options to purchase here in Local Gokulam shop.

  • Your own yoga Mat
  • Towel / Straps / Blocks / Cushions etc If you want
  • Good note book or Record Book
  • Most of the Rooms include study table and chair
  • Camera / Recorder to record Lessons for future use if you want

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