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500Hrs Yoga Teachers Training Course

500hrs yoga


1. YD 500 is Yogadarshanam’s Advance 500hrs Yoga Teachers Training course , Anybody can join this course in order to receive 500Hrs Yoga Alliance certificate. 2. Durations is 2 months 3. Email or Contact shala for Dates, Schedule and Price

 Affordable TTC fee [for fee-email to yogadarshanam@gmail.com]and not includes food and accommodation

·      Accommodation at reasonable cost for TTC Students by Assistants for early registration( near to Yoga school, Café,

       Restaurants and Market)

·      Regular YTTC is Full of 4 weeks training with suitable schedule covers all the following things (enough leisure time

       during week days and full Rest on Saturday afternoon and Sunday )

·      Study of RYS YTTC- to meet Yoga Alliance Education Standard

·      Yoga Therapy Training

·     Pre-natal Yoga Training

·     Different school of Meditations, study of concepts like Mind, soul, sense organs, Gunas (characteristics), etc and

       Relaxation techniques like

       IRT, QRT, DRT, Yoga Nidra, etc.

·      A complete yoga Mudra chapter.

·      A complete Shat-Kriya sessions(Detoxifications)

·      Maximum number of Asanas and Pranayamas to cover different area of the body

·      Different school of Sun Salutation and Moon Salutation, etc.

·      Enough feed back to teach confidently and skillfully(Practical knowledge)

·      Enough Yoga philosophy, Anatomy from experts.

·      Enough classes on special courses – Partner Yoga, Nadanusanadana, Vinyasa and Sun Salutations flow, etc

·      Our TTC is not only Teach but also for self unfoldment under one banner without extra Money and time

·      Friendly freedom to expand range of learning yoga and to make your trip happy and pleasure.

·      Trained and experienced staff to enhance deep understanding of yoga

·      Individualized and personalized to retain more and to attain higher level with limited students.

·      Certified teachers can teach Yoga confidently and competently to the different level of students along with

       interesting yoga concepts.

·      Yoga Teachers can also do self study of different school of practice with expert guidance-multi style to understand

       yoga completely.

 Our RYS TTC is based on Mysore Style-Ashtanga and Iyengar Style.

  • Ashtanga Yoga(Raja Yoga) purifies mental body and rational body. Hatha Yoga purifies physical body and pranic body.
  • Ashtanga Yoga cannot be practiced without Hatha Yoga Support and vice versa to get sidhis( yogic benefits and powers)
  • as yoga text says.[Reference- Ashtanga- yoga sutra of Pathanjali, light on yoga by B.K.S.Iyengar, Hatha Yoga Pradipika by 
  • Swathmarama , etc]
  • we focus on different classical Hatha Yoga concepts also .
  • So Our TTC covers some of the important yoga concepts of great masters of India with their techniques and approach to 
  • enrich our Teacher’s knowledge and to become standard Teacher
  • A suitable student centered teaching method to learn in and out of every yoga concept (like general mistake, limitations, 
  • Sanskrit and English meaning, benefits(PTS),corrections, applications, implementation, etc)
  • A suitable evaluation method for successful Training.
  • A valuable certificate from Yogadarshanam recognized by Yoga Alliance U.S.A.


Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series

2 Ashtanga Vinyasa Secandary Series(Selected Asanas Only)



    Study of Yoga Asanas : Covers 200+ Yoga Asaanas. Analysis of asanas, pranayama, kriyas, bhandhas, mudras

     with its name, background, techniques,  limitations, common mistakes, application, benefits, modifications,

     variations, contra indications ,curative values for therapy, way of demonstration, observation, style, corrections,

     yoga sequence formation, etc.

  • Yoga Anatomy and Physiology : Study of human body(cells and tissues, skin, bones, joints, muscles, 
  • respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, excretory system etc) both from medical and yoga 
  • point of view.

  • Self Practice Classes : Includes study of different school of meditation, study of different yoga systems , Biography of great Indian yoga Masters , different yoga books, sharing knowledge , discussion , case study etc.

  • Additional Yoga Activities : Optional yoga trip and practicing yoga in out door –holy places, Beach, Forest, Mountain, etc. Krida yoga(yoga games) , talent expression, cultural programmes like bhajanas , chanting , drama , role play, drawing of yoga postures and other yoga concepts, etc

Yoga Kriya Abhyasa :

  • Kapal Bhati(Frontal Brain cleancing and Lungs)
  • Trataka-eye cleansing
  • Jala nethi(nasal clancing with water)
  • Sutra nethi(nasal cleancing with rubber cathetor))
  • Vamana dhauthi(upper alimentary track)
  • Agnisar (Churning)- Preparation
  • Nauli – Right – Middle – Left and Nauli Chalana-Preparation
  • Shankaprakshalana(alimentary canal cleancing-mouth to anus) – Lagoo(Half)

Study of Yogic Breathing Exercise 

  1. Ankle Stretch Breathing
  2. Hands in and out breathing
  3. Hands stretch breathing(at 90,135,180degree)
  4. Tiger breathing-A & B,
  5. Dog breathing(abdomen),
  6. Rabbit breathing(thorax),
  7. Shashankasana breathing
  8. Cobra breathing, Locust breathing
  9. Shalabhasana Breathing
  10. Straight leg rise breathing

Study of warm up Exercises:

  1. Jogging – Front, back, sides, leg swinging followed with Mukha Dhouthi( Heart and lungs rest)
  2.   Posterior and anterior stretching
  3.   Sides Stretching
  4.   Spinal twist
  5.   Parivritta trikonasana stretching
  6.   Hamstring Stretch Exercises
  7.   Quadriceps Exercises
  8.   Waist Loosening Exercises
  9.   Shoulder Loosening Exercises
  10.   Hip opener- Exercises

Study of Yogic Resting Poses

  •  Sithali tadsana
  •   Mukha dhauti
  •   Shashankasana
  •   Sithalidandasana
  •   Makarasana
  •   Child pose(balasana)
  •   Nispandasana
  •   Shavasana

View of  Primary series asanas:

Standing Type:

1.Sthithi(Tadasana) 2. Padangustasana3. Pada Hastasana 4. Uthitha Trikonasana 5. Parivritha Trikonasana 6. Parshva Konasana 7. Parvritha Parshva Konasana 8. Prasaritha Padotthanasana A-B-C-D 9.Parshvakonasana 10. Uthitha Hastha Padangustasana A-B-C-D 11. Ardha Padmottanasana 12. Uthkatasana 13. Veerabhadrasana A-B

Sitting Type:

  1. Pashasana 15. Krounchasana 16. Shalabhasana A,B 17 Bhekasana 18. Dhanurasana 19.Parshva Dhanurasana 20.Ushtrasana 21. Laghu Vajrasana 22. Kapothasana 23. Supta Vajrasana 24.Bakasana 25. Bharadvajasana 26. Ardha Matsyendrasana 27. Ekapada Sirsasana A,B,C 28. Dwi pada Sirsasana A,B 29. Yoganidrasana 30. Tittibhasana A,B,C,D 31.Pincha Mayurasana 32. Karandavasana 33. Vrishchikasana 34. Mayurasana 35. Nakrasana 36. Vatayanasana 37. Parighasana 38. Gomukhasana A,B 39 Supta Urdhva Pada Vajrasana 40. Badd ha Hasta Sirsasana A,B,C,D 41. Mukta Hasta Sirsasana A,B,C

         Finishing Sequence:

  1. Chakrasana(Urdhva Dhanurasana) 43. Paschimottanasana 44. Sarvangasana 45. Halasana 46. Karnapidasana 47. Urdhva Padmasana 48. Pindasana 49. Mastyasana 50. Uttanapadasana 51. Badda Padmasana 52. Yoga mudra 53. Padmasana 54. Uthpluthi 55. Shavasana

  2. Advance Yoga Sessions:

    This Sessions help you to go deeper in to Asana with Alignment, Ujjayi breath, Dristi ,Anatomy. you will able to cover Many Advance Asanas using a specialized flow or sequence with some of the foundation  asanas as well as it helps to be firm and stable in your regular asana practice.


    1. Hip opening
    2. Back bending
    3. Leg balance
    4. Hand balance
    5. Head balance and inverted yoga poses
    6. A specialized anatomical warm up
    7. 6 types of different surya namaskara flow
    8. A easy and convenient technique with wall ,stool, yoga props, mat or partner assistance for different poses.

    Advance Partner yoga or Acro yoga:

    Different advance yoga postures can be achieved through this session as well as you will gain a complete idea to conduct partner yoga class after learning different partner yoga formation. It is quite challenging and entertaining to enjoy yoga Asana with partner assistance.

  3. Pre-natal yoga:

    analytical and practical practice of prenatal yoga

    1. Pre-pregnancy and Yoga
    2. During pregnancy:Yoga in 1st Trimester, 2nd Trimester, 3rd Trimester.
    3. Post pregnancy yoga programme and guidelines
    4. Yoga Therapy or Yoga solutions for different problems in various stages of pregnancy. Etc (see Prenatal Yoga course)

    Chakras or Energy centers

    Detailed study of chakras with mantra ,color, characteristics etc.,

    1. Chakra balance technique
    2. Chakra healing technique

    Pranayama and Bandas:

    You can study advances pranayama technique with breath retention along with safety valve. Jalandara bandha,uddiyana bandha, Moola bandha, Tribanda , etc.,

  4. Mudra :

    You can learn various types of mudras :

    1. Body mudra(kaya)
    2. Mind mudra(mana)
    3. Bandha mudra
    4. Adhara mudra
    5. Gayatri mudra with Gayatri mantra and other mystic Sound, scared prayers and procedures

    Shat Kriya or D etox:

    1. Advance kapalabhathi
    2. Advance Jala nethi and sutra nethi
    3. Kunjar kriya
    4. Shankha praklashalana
    5. Agni sara
    6. Nauli (middle,right,left) and Chalana(movement)
    7. Trataka(Jyothi)

    Relaxation :


    -Yoga Nidra(yogic sleeping)

    -Shavasana-dead body consciousness, ujjai breath etc.,

  5. Meditations(Different School of Meditations)

    Yoga Meditation Classes: Includes study of different school of meditation .Students can apply any one of the meditation which is suitable for them. During training students should study various type of meditation techniques and can apply suitable meditation technique to their students. Examples- OM Meditation, Shambhavi Meditation, Japa Meditation, Chakra Meditation, etc

    • Om-Meditation
    • Chakras meditation(psychic centers) – Students Should Practice 1 & 2 regularly during YTTC Note : The following Meditation Techniques are only for theoretical study during 200hrs YTTC and can be taken for self study(swadhyaya)during Training.
    • Japa meditation
    • Silent meditation
    • Cyclic Meditation
    • So-hum Meditation with breathing(breathing of the soul)
  6. This session will give you complete idea to take yoga class for different ailments as well as to understand body very deeply.practical study of yoga therapy includes a special ,experienced and researched schedule from different scholars of the India with kriya ,asana, pranayama, special exercise, relaxation, meditation, mudra, diet ,lifestyle etc.

    Yoga Therapy Training:

    This session will give you complete idea to take yoga class for different ailments as well as to understand body very deeply.practical study of yoga therapy includes a special ,experienced and researched schedule from different scholars of the India with kriya ,asana, pranayama, special exercise, relaxation, meditation, mudra, diet ,lifestyle etc.

    • Yoga therapy for chronic back pain
    • Yoga therapy for acute back pain
    • Yoga therapy for Back muscles spasm or Muscles discomforts
    • Yoga therapy for neck pain
    • Yoga therapy acute neck pain
    • Shoulder problems
    • Eyes problems
    • Weight reduction(yoga aerobics)
    • Diabetes
    • Heart problems
    • Hypertension
    • Stress management(SMET)
    • Vertigo (Exercise therapy)
    • Uterus problems
    • Digestive disorders
    • Arthritis (knee)
    • Breathing problems
    • Yoga for senior citizens
    • Yoga for slimming and fitness (core yoga)
    • Yoga for face ,nose, ear, scalp, teeth.

    Human anatomy:

    Here anatomy class will be given in related to the yoga therapy training to understand different system, functions and disorders of the human body.

     Yoga Philosophy and Ethics:

    • Pathanjali yoga sutra
    • Brief study on 6 philosophy of India (Shad Darshana)
    • Ayurveda Basics
    • Karma yoga Philosophy (action)
    • Bhakthi yoga Philosophy (love & surrender)
    • Jana yoga Philosophy (Knowledge & Analyze)

    Sathsanga & Chanting

    It trains our right brain(emotional brain) working on nervous system with soothing effect and correct flow of prana (Nerve current) to purify our emotions by replacing soft emotions instead of violent emotions. As well as helps to lengthen your breath(Exhalation)

    • Daily Chanting of Shivananda Ashrama
    • Important Mantras & Slokas

    Assisting and internship:

    This class helps our teachers to understand teaching skills ,correction techniques, sequence formation, lecturing and demonstration concepts. It also helps to improve confidence ,body language, communication skill ,interaction , etc in live classes to teach confidently .

Schedule for 1st month




Silence and self study of pranayama and meditation


Classical-Ashtanga-Hatha Yogasana




Yoga Therapy, Prenatal Yoga, Mudra Demo


Teaching Methodology- Sun salutation, Asanas , Relaxations, etc Theory of Yoga Therapy, Mudra yoga, Pregnancy Yoga -Master Class


Anatomy and Physiology by Dr. Aparna-Related to Therapy


Lunch Break- Light Lunch


Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice- Memorize Hand Chart- Roshan


Adjustment/ Corrections and Teaching practice


Short Break-Try teaching practice.


Spirituality , Japa, Chanting, Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy etc-Master Class


Q& A 



7:30am onwards

Yogic Kriya or Detox – 1st Week- Part-I -2nd Week – Part-II – 3rd week – Part-III

10:30am – On going

Learning Adjustments and corrections with Main teacher, lesson plan writing, Teaching in G.M Method, 8 steps Method, Teaching practical, feedback from experts.

Schedule for 2nd month




Be ready in the school and silence

5:25am- 7:00am

Ashtanga Yogasana-Relaxation- Roshan


Self study Pranayama/Adjustment class


Break Fast


Yoga therapy,Prenatal Yoga, Mudra yoga practice


Advance Philosophy/Pranayama/Mudra/Asanas  Theory- Masater class


Teaching Methodology-Sun salutation, Asanas, Relaxations,etc. Theory on yoga therapy, Mudra yoga, Pregnancy yoga- Master class


Anatomy and physiology by Dr.Aparna - related to Therapy


Lunch break and self study


Advance Asanas Demo and breathing by yogeesh/ Ayurveda Theory by Aparna


Advance Asanas and the blue book/purple book-Master class


Spirituality,Japa, Chanting, Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy etc - Master Class

Rainbow TTC

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  • YogaMysore

  • yoga in mysore

  • yoga in mysore

  • yoga in mysore

  • yoga in mysore

  • yoga in mysore


Now, Yogadarshanam offers Accommodation to its Yoga students whoever visiting Gokulam , Mysore for short time and long time yoga courses in a clean , comfortable and secure environment above the school as well as besides the school to enjoy yoga training with homely feeling.

What is included in accommodation ?

  • Good bed with Pillow , Blanket , Bed spread
  • Attached Bathroom ( Western Style ) with toilet
  • Hot water and Fan
  • Most of the Rooms include study table and chair
  • Wardrobe to keep things and clothes
  • Common Kitchen / attached Small Kitchen available on demand
  • Most of the accommodation includes good Wi-Fi connection

Note: You can accommodate after personal inspection with the help of our assistant upon arrival if you don’t want to reserve. See Packages for more pictures and price.

Other amenities

  • Your accommodation is very closer to Shops/ Market / Laundry / Water supply Hospitals / Baby sitting. Get all these services at your place on a call
  • School also attached to a beautiful Green Garden to enjoy free time
  • Bicycle / Scooter are also available for rent
  • Schools also has facilities to arrange Food on demand with additional charge upon arrival . Gokulam has lots of mouth watering foods and variety of menu on breakfast , lunch , Dinner both European and Indian style around the school in yoga cafe / restaurant as well as in some home for home made food .

Yogadarshanam leaves responsibility to its students to eat on their choice. Since most of the students have their own personal ethics and choice in food . So that you can eat your own delicious sathvik yogic food and enjoy .


You can book your Flight Directly to closest International airport – Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport upon landing you can reach School Directly by airport taxi From the school. You also have other options to reach Mysore by Fly Bus / Bus from the airport or train in 3 hours journey. Contact school to book a taxi with safe and trusted driver From the school. If you come by train or bus you need to take Rikshaw to reach school address upon arrival to Mysore bus stand. Mysore Local airport Known as Mandakalli Airport situated 12km From the Mysore city is not servicing currently.

What to Bring ?

You can bring these things with your Personal Luggage’s or you have options to purchase here in Local Gokulam shop.

  • Your own yoga Mat
  • Towel / Straps / Blocks / Cushions etc If you want
  • Good note book or Record Book
  • Most of the Rooms include study table and chair
  • Camera / Recorder to record Lessons for future use if you want

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